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Welcome to Ohana Group Solutions, where your success and well-being take center stage.


As a dedicated healthcare professional, you deserve more than just a job – you deserve an unparalleled journey. One that not only offers competitive compensation but also strikes the perfect balance between work and life. With us, you'll embark on a path marked by exceptional skill development, generous compensation packages, and a profoundly fulfilling work environment.


At Ohana Group Solutions, we're committed to shaping healthcare futures that stand out. Our placements for Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses guarantee not just an improved work-life equilibrium, but also a rejuvenating work atmosphere where burnout becomes a distant memory.


We're not just recruiters; we're your partners in progress. We empower you to secure roles that enable you to lead a fulfilling personal life, prioritize self-care, cultivate new skills, forge connections with industry professionals, and, most importantly, make a meaningful impact while earning the compensation you truly deserve.


For the best shot at exclusive job opportunities, simply share your resume with us to join our select in-house talent network. Here, you'll be among the first to discover and apply for exciting roles that we reserve for those who choose excellence.


Unlock the Best Career Opportunities and Ignite Your Professional Growth to New Heights

Elevate your influence and income with our dynamic placement solutions, granting you unparalleled control over your work style and schedule.

Per Diem

Take on occasional shifts at handpicked healthcare facilities, enjoying above-average wages without the burden of long-term commitment.

Contract Roles

Immerse yourself in temporary positions designed for skill enhancement. If you love it, extend your contract or explore further opportunities within our expansive network.


Dip your toes into potential employers with contract-to-hire placements, allowing you to make an informed permanent decision. If it doesn't align perfectly, return to us for more tailored options.

Direct Hire

Make an immediate impact in your new role while we expertly handle negotiations and leverage our industry prowess to secure you the best salary and benefits possible.

Boost your chances of landing exceptional opportunities by exploring our job board and connecting with our experts. We'll match you with exclusive roles tailored to your expertise.

Count on Us: Unveil Reliable Staffing Solutions for Hospitals & Medical Centers

Ohana Group Solutions revolutionizes the landscape of healthcare facility staffing solutions. Our pledge is to provide you with a streamlined, cost-efficient, and supremely effective method for securing top-tier healthcare professionals.


We comprehend the hurdles you encounter in sustaining a skilled and dependable workforce while optimizing your budget. With us, you secure a partner wholly committed to delivering unrivaled staffing support. Our innovative approach ensures that you're not just filling vacancies but elevating your team's overall performance, resulting in enhanced patient care and heightened operational efficiency.


Discover a brighter future for your healthcare facility through our partnership. Reach out and connect with us to assemble an outstanding team for your healthcare institution. Our commitment to service knows no bounds. Share your requirements, and we will undoubtedly fulfill your needs.